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Most job application forms have a competency based section that requires you to justify how you can deliver certain competencies or capabilities within the job role. This is your chance to promote your value and service offering to the employer and to persuade them to successfully choose your application and shortlist you for an interview.

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You should always give employment related references when giving referees. Make sure you contact the person who you are giving as a reference as they might of moved on to another job. If you know that the employer or line manager had left the company, still put them down as a reference ONLY if you dont have a current reference. Giving an employment reference is better than none.

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After when you have 'Defined the problem', you need to: [2] Provide the solution of how you used your competency to solve the problem you defined. You should mention what you did (in this case, 'delivering excellent customer service') and how you achieved or overcome the problem using your competency.