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The ultimate aim of a CV is to prospect ( sell ) YOU as an individual to an employer convincing them that YOU are a suitable candidate to be offered an interview. A CV is therefore meant to encourage the employer to take interest in you and what you have to offer to the hiring company/organisation.  90% of the time you have one opportunity to make the employer consider YOU for employment so a clean, crisp, relevant  and to the point CV is upheld more favourably by employers than a long  3-4 page over worded irrelevant one.

Think of a CV as if it were a new tin can soft drink competing amongst the other brands in the market. YOU would be the brand on the outside of the tin so being well presentable and attractive is important in ‘standing out in the crowd’. A presentable format and readable font is required to make the buyer (the employer) pick up the can and hold it in their hand.  It is at this point that the buyer might look at the contents of the can such as the ingredients and nutritional value before making a purchase. The ingredients and nutrition information is like the contents of a CV, for example your key skills, work history, major achievements and interests & hobbies. All this information will determine whether or not the buyer will consider purchasing the can (CV) to drink.  Therefore every bit of information that is included has to be relevant, accurate and useful to the employer considering to shortlist you for an interview.

Once they have purchased the can (CV) it is at the interview stage that the employer can taste who YOU are and confirm in their mind if you are who you say you are on the tin! Therefore, leave all the detailed information that you want on your CV for the interview stage. That way you are not overloading the employer with so much information that they are put off from employing YOU.

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