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Whether you are currently in employment or just received a job offer (congratulations!) there are some thoughts and decisions that you should take into consideration to help you understand why you have taken this job role or career path. After all, you yourself hopefully have goals, objectives, ambitions and dreams that you want to achieve in life other than what your employer requires to achieve out of you! Perhaps your employment decision is based on short term goals rather than long term. Or maybe you accept this particular employment because of financial security and to meet essential living requirements.

Whatever the reason for taking on employment, you should remind yourself of the ‘Y’ in EMPLOYMENT meaning ‘WHY’ you decided to start or stay in employment. It is so important to get the ‘WHY’ factor right from the beginning of deciding to be employed to ensure you are making the most out of life even within your working environment. Many people do not have job satisfaction or sustain in employment because they have not thought about their ‘WHY’ and so end up not being successful in their employment choice.  

The following section provides some advice on how to make the right employment decisions and what to consider when finding out their ‘WHY’ for taking a job offer.

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