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Neighbourhood Couriers

London, (United Kingdom)

Neighbourhood Courier

Location: London,
Job Category: Array
Job ID: 1206824
Employment Type: Array
Salary: per hour
Posted: 23.07.2016


Logistics-Transportation : General-Other: Logistics-Transportation, Messenger-Courier

Job Description:

If you are a person that enjoys working outdoors and have good customer service skills, then this is a job you are going to enjoy!
As a courier, you will have the opportunity to provide an essential service to customers.
You’ll deliver parcels of all shapes and sizes to homes and businesses in your local area. 
From important documents to fridge freezers, office furniture to 3D TVs, you will collect, handle and deliver it all around the local neighbourhood.
Responsible for the delivery of parcels in the Croydon and Mitcham area, we are looking for drivers that are willing to work flexible hours between 8:00am to 9:00pm, Monday to Saturday and are available up to a maximum of 4-5 days per week.
You will have excellent customer service skills and have your own vehicle. Parcel insurance cover is provided.
Pay meets National Minimum Wage. Evidence of self-employment details is required and you will receive training up to one month on the job. 

If this job sounds good for you, then apply now immediately!